Have to Harry

Now I have to get Harry done and bring him to Dragon*Con! Aside from the “Legendary Sleuths” group, Jim’s going to be there! I have to get the updates finished!

After I finish the First Doctor, of course.


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Web inspired

Web inspired by @dcorsetto.

This past weekend I found myself thinking of web comics. On Friday I got to hang out with a new group of fellow geeks and found myself thinking about MegaTokyo and Piro. So on Sunday I got out the wig, worked with it a bit, and got it ready to go with the Sad Kitty Ear hat. I’ve got pictures, they’re just not on the computer, yet.

Later on Sunday I went to the Laughing Ogre for the Slingshot…

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I have managed to get progress done on One. Last week I sat down and really looked at the pattern. It’s a reproduction of a pattern that is only for one size. It’s on thicker paper than the patterns I’ve usually worked with, and since it’s only one size, I figured why not cut it out first!

I am so glad I did. I know it is going to be easier to get the muslin cut out to make the mock-up with. Also…

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It’s clean!

It’s clean!

I now have the ability to sew things at my sewing machine again. I just haven’t had the time to do any. Partially because of everything that is involved in getting the First Doctor Bathing Beauty right.

I don’t think I’ve fully explained this outfit yet. It might help explain why I keep not getting anything done about it.

The whole idea was dreamed up last year by one of my fellow Prydon Academy…

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Running out of time

Running out of time

There are 60 days left before Dragon*Con. Which means I have 55 days to get three costumes done and ready to go. That is part of why I am taking Tuesday off. My goal is to get my room clean and organized. That way I will have the space to use the sewing machine again. Hopefully that will inspire me to get going on those three costumes: Dawn from the back cover of Return of the Goddess, Dr.…

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Heroes http://wp.me/s1jhQy-heroes

Tonight I’m actually watching Heroes of Cosplay when it’s on and I’m finding myself feeling ambivalent. It’s a little discouraging listening to Riki and Katie talk about needing the “wow factor” so they can win the prize and totally stun the judges. It makes me not want to compete because I don’t have the money, time, or space to develop the skills to create that level of costume.

But then I just…

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Funding! http://wp.me/s1jhQy-funding

Right now there’s been no progress on Harry because I’ve had a total lack of motivation to do anything but what I have to for school. And I did a little cleaning. Everything is sitting in a laundry basket waiting to be assembled.

Unfortunately my sewing table has gotten even more buried since I took that picture. But I’m hoping to get some of it cleared off this weekend, among other things (like…

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Bending Harry

I blame Skin Game for this. Not that the book has given me the idea. Just reading a new Dresden Files book has me thinking of Harry and cosplaying him.

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, I had an idea. Genderbent Harry Dresden. Since I’ve retired Jane Lane, I have a short-haired, female black wig already. Everything else is easy: appropriate t-shirt, jeans, boots, coat, staff, and shield…

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Quick update

I will be posting fully later, but I wanted to post a couple of updates.

I’ve washed five wigs quite successfully. I’m hoping to get them trimmed and styled tomorrow.

Friday both my goggles and umbrella came for my First Doctor bathing beauty.

Who knows, if I have time, I might even get started on the First Doctor’s bathing suit tomorrow.


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Wig weekend

Yesterday my Arda Wigsorder arrived! That means I have 4 new wig caps (2 black, 2 blonde), a wig head stand, and a canvas wig head! I got really lucky because they sell one size of canvas wig head, and it’s my size! Make sure to measure your head before your order a canvas head. The idea is having a head the same size as yours. You don’t want one too big or small because your styled wig won’t fit…

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